Re: Serial change Barbara Pope 13 Oct 2008 14:31 UTC

I would prefer to hear it from the publisher in the form of a letter or
note separate from a regular mailing of an issue.  Inserts within issues
tend to get tossed, so they are not very useful.  I would also like to
hear from the publisher with which issue the change will take place, so
that we know when to expect it.  I generally don't hear about these
changes from the publisher, though.  If we get any notice at all, it is
usually from our vendor, Ebsco, but even that is not very reliable.  We
usually find out about it upon trying to check an issue into our ILS.
The issue predicted does not match with the issue checked in, so we look
inside and find out the pattern has changed.

Barbara M. Pope, MALS
Periodicals/Reference Librarian
Axe Library
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg KS  66762

Jason Hoefel wrote:
> I had a quick question in regards of a
>> serial changing from a daily status to a weekly status. Is there an
>> institute standard to announce this change that librarians prefer? If a
>> publication is making this change, is there someplace where Serials
>> Librarians would expect to find this type of information other
>> than the usual public announcement and statement within the
>> publication announcing that the change will occur?  Any thoughts
>> regarding this would be appreciated. Thanks
>                                                        Jason