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Kansas State University Libraries has embraced the blog world.  While there isn't one specifically for serials, we have used one to inform patrons about electronic access problems, and another one specific to a serials project. The 1st one is current and provides information to both staff and patrons.

The 2nd one was used by serials staff who were doing retrocon in an off campus building.  Staff were in the building every day, but each person only worked there one day a week.  The blog kept everyone up to date on cataloging issues, computer upgrades,  building situtations, updates on shipping processes, and some fun stuff.  This really did work well.  To help make sure staff checked it, we set it up as the home page on the computers.

We did try another one, used by the E-resources work group.  The group is charged with moving our print serials to electronic when possible. We used the blog to communicate, post minutes and share stats about the packages under consideration.  It works well when the group is busy early in the year, (Jan.-Apr.) but not touched again until the following Jan.


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>>> gary warren <glwarren_633@MSN.COM> 10/11/2008 8:48 PM >>>
I am working on an assignment for an information technology class and I have to write a proposal to design a Library 2.0 service. I have decided to develop a blog for a serials department. I would like to know of any serials librarians who have a blog on their university of college library web site and how it has benefitted the library and intended audience. Thank you very much.

Gary Warren