Summary of responses: Core List of Print Serials Donna Meadows 13 Oct 2008 20:28 UTC

Summary of responses to query about creating a _core list of print
serials_ for one’s library system…

One very helpful article was mentioned: Judith Stokes’ 2007 article in
Serials Review:

*Stokes, Judith E. Print Magazines for American College Libraries.
Serials Review 33 (2007): 165-171.*

* Summary: *Most libraries seem neither to have reported work nor to be
working on _which serials titles to keep in print even if they are
available electronically from the library._ Published work/work
mentioned seems to be on creating core subject lists alone rather than
_creating core lists of the general, non-discipline specific serials
titles_. ( Above mentioned article is the exception.)

Criteria for the latter studies are of interest to libraries considering
such a study.

Why be concerned about these titles? They are used for browsing and
eisure reading and academic use is primarily for the illustrations and
other graphics. Some readers also browse a print serial for the
advertising. In community college libraries where we serve a diverse
population from developmental students to highly rigorous academic and
workforce disciplines electronic serials alone do not serve all of our
students and faculty.

Further discussion on this topic is welcome.

Donna Meadows
Austin Community College
Austin, TX