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Hi Mindy,

We have just installed EleCompack shelving for our periodicals.  I believe we are going to be very happy with it.  It's manual but easy to move.  Also there is a 10-year guarantee on parts and labor.  The company we used is called CFSS (Creative Filing and Storage Solutions).  Contact me off list and I can find their phone number.  I'm at home right now so I don't have the file with me.  They repaired, and then replaced, an older compact shelving system that was failing.  I think this is a fantastic product (the new one).  Sturdy enough to handle periodicals, which as you know are very heavy!  It's earthquake-resistant, fully braced, and operates on wheels instead of the old "bicycle chain" type "technology."  Not cheap, but very nice.

Sarah McCleskey

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Hi Mindy

Our library had SpaceSaver compact shelving installed about 10 or so years ago.  We're fairly happy with the shelves.  Our biggest problem is that the company that manages the maintenance contract isn't always that great.  It's not a big company (obviously, since we are in Hawaii and there aren't THAT many customers) and there have been times when we need service and all the techs are on an outer island - so we have to wait days  for someone to come.  Also, they don't seem to stock parts such as the control panel so again, if something like that needs replaced we have to wait weeks for a replacement part.  Other than that the shelves have been relatively reliable.

Hope this helps.


Pam Scott
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> Hello Colleagues,
> Our compact shelving is over 20 years old, and unfortunately not
> doing so well.  We need to replace it.
> I'm wondering what kind of experiences others have had with
> retrofitting compact shelving.  Ours is electrical
> operation, and the company that installed them is no longer in
> existence.We have gotten a quote from Space Saver.  Have
> others worked with Space Saver?   Are there other
> vendors people have used?
> Any info would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Mindy King
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