Re: Coverage loads - quality of data Jennifer Bleiler 14 Oct 2008 14:03 UTC


We use Ex Libris (SFX) for our A-Z list and we have both SIGART bulletin and
SIGART newsletter (as well as Intelligence) listed in our ejournal list.
Our A-Z list has a link following each of those titles stating "view journal
history for additional full text" and displays the previous/continuing
titles in the information field when you click on it and all will take you
to the correct ACM page.  I guess this is something Ex Libris must be adding
itself because ACM digital library's website doesn't even show that there
was a title called SIGART Newsletter.  In our initial set up of the service
we were told that not all publishers offer previous titles (as you can tell)
and just provide the most recent title but show the coverage as being back
to vol. 1 of the journal.  They said that they've tried to explain to
publishers the necessity of providing information for each of the title changes.

That being said, we just added our A-Z list year and have not gotten around
to loading the titles into our OPAC so I'm not sure how it will look there.
 I'm assuming that all 3 titles will show up in our OPAC as available
through ACM and just be linked to the same place.

Missouri University of Science and Technology