ALA Midwinter Program Announcement from LITA Standards IG Judy Jeng 05 Jan 2009 15:03 UTC

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ALA Midwinter Program Announcement from LITA Standards IG

Date:              Saturday (1/24/09) 4-6 p.m.

Location:      GRAND Hyatt Denver, Maroon Peak

Topic:            Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse and Exchange
(OAI-ORE): Production Release of the Specifications

Please join the LITA Standards Interest Group on Saturday (1/24/09) 4-6 p.m.
at GRAND Hyatt Denver, Maroon Peak to hear Herbert Van de Sompel from Los
Alamos National Laboratory to talk about OAI-ORE (Object Reuse and
Exchange). Over the past two years, OAI-ORE has gathered experts to develop
standards for the identification and description of aggregations of Web
resources. These standards provide the foundation for applications and
services to improve the utility of the aggregations that are common on the
Web including multiple format documents in institutional repositories,
scholarly data sets, and online photo collections. The OAI-ORE standards
leverage the core Web architecture and integrate with other emerging
developments in Web 2.0. This talk will describe the core aspects of those
standards and the applications and contexts in which they may be used.

The 2nd part of the program will be Todd Carpenter from the National
Information Standards Organization (NISO) to give us updates on new NISO
standards and initiatives.

Hope to see many of you then.


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