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HI Sandra,

You will probably get a ton of replies, so here's mine.  We are an
undergraduate liberal arts college.

Do you retain your print titles that are available in JSTOR?

a.  Why?  Yes, by faculty request, core titles such as Science, or
titles with lots of graphics, such as art journals.

 b.  Why not?  We did an overall retention review with faculty input.
Titles that did not meet the criteria above were discarded.  We needed
the  shelf space, and we have access to a regional storage facility.


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We have added our first JSTOR collection and I have a couple of
questions.  I've noticed on my exchange listserv that JSTOR titles are

I would like to know if your library participates in JSTOR:

1.  Do you retain your print titles that are availalbe in JSTOR?
     a.  Why?
     b.  Why not?


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