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Good points you make.
A while ago I asked the list for examples of how this collection was being
handled and if choosing only selectively
(as we are), what criteria were used.
I got some good responses on the criteria, while others said they wanted to
add the whole collection and include as
many titles in their database as possible.
(If anyone wants to see those responses, I'd be glad to post.)
We opted out of including this whole collection because it clutters up our
database with lots of irrelevant material which doesn't look good
when you are telling users some titles have to be cut for cost savings.
And you're right, every title potentially needs maintaining.
Plus, our A-to-Z list charges by number of titles.

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I'd echo what Barabara has said about the DOAJ.  I'll also add a few other
things that I think everyone should be aware of.

1.)  Not all titles in the DOAJ are actually open access...this is an
unfortunate fact.  For some background on this, I'd strongly encourage
everyone to read this short (and Open Access) article:


2.) As Barbara said, there are some problematic titles in the DOAJ.
Currently, a colleague and myself are running link checks on all DOAJ
in two prominent knowledge bases and there are more than just a few errors.
It looks like there are quite a few dead links and various other problems
(such as out of date URL's).

3.) I'd strongly encourage anyone considering adding this collection to at
least glance at the titles they're adding.  Depending upon what kind of
library you work at, you may simply be adding a bunch of noise to your
knowledge base that might confuse and mislead your users.  For example,
there are quite a few journals in the DOAJ that are not in English.  Now I
know not everyone speaks English, but every campus community is different
and adding a bunch of foreign language periodicals may or may not make
sense.  That's just one example.

4.) Even though there is no up-front cost associated with titles in the
DOAJ, much like Open Source software, Open Access content is "free as in a
free kitten."  Meaning, you do still need to maintain it just like any
e-resource you may pay for.


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> From: Barbara Pope <bpope@PITTSTATE.EDU>
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> To: "SERIALST: Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum"
> Subject: Re: [SERIALST] DOAJ titles in Serials Solutions
> It's funny that you ask about the stability of DOAJ.  I have had to
> contact Serials Solutions about a couple of titles that ceased
> publication over the past few years, but I would say it has been
> relatively problem free.  If you are a new user of Serials Solutions
> products, you may not yet realize that if you want to, you can add part
> of the titles in a database instead of the whole thing.  For example, if
> a database contained a lot of junk newsletters or titles that you have
> no indexes for, you can indicate which ones you want when you are adding
> the product.  Before I add a product like this, I do research on the
> titles like where they are indexed and if we already have access to
> them.  If you need to know more, email me and I can talk you through it.
> Sincerely,
> Barbara Pope, MALS
> Periodicals/Reference Librarian
> Axe Library
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> Stokes, Judith wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We find DOAJ to be more stable than other free journal sources, but none
>> them cause us much trouble because there are so many of us accessing
>> through Serials Solutions, that changes get reported pretty quickly.
>> Occasionally, we discover we have lost free access to something --
>> anything in DOAJ -- and we report it. Serials Solutions confirms the
>> and follows up pretty quickly.
>> Regards,
>> Judith E. Stokes
>> Serials/E-resources Librarian
>> Rhode Island College
>> 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue
>> Providence, RI 02908-1991
>> 401.456.8165
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>> Hello,
>> I was hoping to hear from some folks who have chosen to add DOAJ to
>> Serials Solutions profile.  We are currently considering adding MARC
>> updates, etc.  Our main concern is that some of the content might be
>> unstable.  For those who have chosen to do this, how has your experience
>> been?  Thanks!
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