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It never fails to amaze me that some publishers will send a claimed issue immediately, some with an apology for the inconvenience, and others will employ the "issue already sent" excuse or not acknowledge the claim at all. Thank goodness for Ebsco's "Missing Copy Bank!"

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We run into similar issues with claims. You have to be persistent. If
all else fails, there is always backserve or sometimes the publishers
will send you copies if you contact them directly.


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It just happened again.  I claimed a not-received issue, well within the
reasonable time for claims, but didn't get it.  Did a second claim, then
a third.  When EBSCO contacted the publisher for the third time, the
reply came back that the issue was out of print, but they would extend
the subscription.  This is happening more frequently and I am not happy.

I want the issue, not an extension.  Not having the issue creates a gap
in my holdings; a special problem if I'm binding.  Extending the expire
date makes subscription-tracking more cumbersome.  EBSCO was very
helpful in getting as many of my titles as possible on calendar-year
subscription periods, and I'd like to keep them that way.

I expect we're all running into this, and I don't suppose there's much
we can do about it.  I hope the publishers lurking on this list will get
the message and keep enough extra issues on hand to satisfy claims.

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