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With BackServ all you do is repay the costs of shipping (some of the
time, not always) often in stamps, BUT this is a very high-volume list

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There are organizations that make it their purpose in life to supply
missing journals to libraries. They get the journals from libraries that
sell their dups or are getting rid of collections that are covered by
electronic indexes. I think most of them charge a fee to libraries to
belong or perhaps only charge libraries when they get an issue from
them. Usually there is a credit system where the library that sends them
volumes gets a reduction on the issues they receive. I'm sure somebody
else can clarify this because we don't belong to any of these and I'm
making it up as I go along.

Many consortiums have an exchange list for their libraries where
libraries offer their dup titles before they are trashterized. You list
what you have and another library raises their hand and says they can
use it and it is sent to them in some fashion.


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I am a new Serials Librarian and was hoping you could enlighten me as to
what a "discard list" is and how I can get on one! Also, someone
in another post about a "backserve". What is this?
Thanks for any help,

Jane Kirkland
Serials Librarian
Columbia University
Arthur W. Diamond Law Library
435 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10027
(212) 854-4456

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Re: [SERIALST] futile claiming

Welcome to the world of serials and serial publishers. I have dealt with
this for years and have come to the understanding that there is nothing
be done except to watch for missing issues on any discard lists you may
on. The aggravating thing for me was that the publishers would extend
subscription but the serials vendor didn't necessarily know this or
it resulting in an overlap of issues. After trying for years to
synchronize these organizations when this happens I discovered that it
wasn't worth it and my mental health was worth more than the cost of the
bungled subscriptions.

Roger Davis
Serials Librarian
Kent State University - Stark Campus
Canton, OH 44720

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It just happened again.  I claimed a not-received issue, well within the
reasonable time for claims, but didn't get it.  Did a second claim, then
a third.  When EBSCO contacted the publisher for the third time, the
reply came back that the issue was out of print, but they would extend
the subscription.  This is happening more frequently and I am not happy.

I want the issue, not an extension.  Not having the issue creates a gap
in my holdings; a special problem if I'm binding.  Extending the expire
date makes subscription-tracking more cumbersome.  EBSCO was very
helpful in getting as many of my titles as possible on calendar-year
subscription periods, and I'd like to keep them that way.

I expect we're all running into this, and I don't suppose there's much
we can do about it.  I hope the publishers lurking on this list will get
the message and keep enough extra issues on hand to satisfy claims.

Lynne N. Weaver

Serials Coordinator

Lipscomb Library

Randolph College

Founded as Randolph-Macon Woman's College

2500 Rivermont Avenue

Lynchburg, VA  24503

434 947-8396

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