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The Dymo labels fade; if anyone has come up with a cure for this problem
I'd love to know what it is; our theory was that sun exposure was
causing the problem, but we did some experiments (labels in the car
window dash for months in Florida) and the sun does not seem to be
causing the fading.  Then we thought perhaps it was the glue in the
label protector, so our latest experiment involves just labeling without
a spine protector, and that seems to have helped, but of course then you
have labels falling off.....


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Good afternoon,

I'm writing from the University of Notre Dame Libraries.  We are an
ALEPH library and we are investigating purchasing a small desktop
printer to print labels for our serial issues at check-in.  I've looked
at a few printer brands and have talked to the manufacturers, Zebra and
Dymo but I'm having trouble locating acid free/archival labels for these


Does your library print labels for serial issues at check-in?
What printer are you using?
Are you using archival labels?

I would greatly appreciate any responses.
Thank-you, Lisa S.

Lisa M. Stienbarger
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