Re: Labeling serial issues at check-in Lisa Stienbarger 26 Jan 2009 13:47 UTC

Good morning John, thank-you for your response.  We'd like to print
labels with title, call number and barcode.  I'd really like to find
labels that come on a roll, I think this would help facilitate the
workflow nicely.  --Lisa

John Lucas wrote:
> Hello Lisa and all out there,
> Lisa, what is the reason(s) for printing labels and what are you putting on them?  Is it that you want to have each label with its title, volume, issue etc or just to indicate that is from Your specific library?
> We are a stand alone medical library but we do print generic labels with the library name, address.  There is enough room so we can use a date stamp for the date when checked in. We print labels to put on the covers of our issues because now, most of the academic and research journals have VERY SLICK covers, many of them have dark colors so our "library" and "date" stamps rub right off.
> We use sheets of 1" X 2 5/8"  Avery type labels and feed them through our desktop printer.
> Your reasons for labeling your journals may be quite different, but if you can come up with a solution tools and supplies you already have, even better.
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>>>> Lisa Stienbarger <Lisa.M.Stienbarger.2@ND.EDU> 1/23/2009 3:14 PM >>>
> Good afternoon,
> I'm writing from the University of Notre Dame Libraries.  We are an
> ALEPH library and we are investigating purchasing a small desktop
> printer to print labels for our serial issues at check-in.  I've looked
> at a few printer brands and have talked to the manufacturers, Zebra and
> Dymo but I'm having trouble locating acid free/archival labels for these
> printers.
> Does your library print labels for serial issues at check-in?
> What printer are you using?
> Are you using archival labels?
> I would greatly appreciate any responses.
> Thank-you, Lisa S.

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