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Ken -- Thanks for the update ... at least I can add all but the titles listed below back to our local KB. Maybe patience will result in the other problems being resolved??

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For those interested, I just received word from Serials Solutions
that they have corrected the 11 Anthrosource default URLs.  All links
now use the current title ISSN, instead of the actual ISSN for the
titles listed below (the links had been resulting in errors).  Now if
Wiley would just resolve the remaining problems . . .

Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly
Anthropology Newsletter
Communicator: Newsletter of the Council on Nutritional Anthropology
Journal of Latin American Anthropology
Latin American Anthropology Review
Newsletter (Society for the Anthropology of Visual Communication)
PIEF Newsletter
Society for Visual Anthropology Review
Studies in the Anthropology of Visual Communication
SVA Newsletter
SVA Review

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