Re: U.S. News & World Report Deeken, Joanne 29 Jan 2009 20:21 UTC

I found this on their site:

" Welcome to U.S.News & World Report Magazine Customer Service.

Special notice to print subscribers:
If our records show that you are a subscriber to U.S. News & World
Report's print edition as of February 6, 2009, you will receive at no
additional charge for the remainder of your subscription, a new weekly
digital publication. We will need your E-mail address to provide you
with further instructions which we expect to deliver about the last week
of February. Please log-in below to provide or confirm your E-mail

It's not clear whether they mean "in addition" or "instead of".

Wikipedia says it went monthly in Nov. 08.

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I heard a rumor that U.S. News & World Report was going online only in
January 2009. We didn't get notified, however. Our subscription agent is
telling us that the pattern has changed from weekly to monthly. On the
U.S. News & World Report website, the publisher is only offering
individual subscriptions to the weekly online magazine. There is no
mention of print or institutional subscriptions to online.

Does anyone know what is happening? If this is a monthly, any guesses
how long this will last?


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