Updating "Scientific Publishing in Transition" Mark Ware 30 Jan 2009 13:54 UTC

I'm about to start an update/revision of the "Scientific Publishing in
Transition" paper I wrote for ALPSP/STM in 2006, which attempted to
provide an overview of journals publishing issues with data taken from
published reports etc.

Obviously there's been a lot of developments in the last three years.
If anyone would like to suggest topics and/or reports etc. that should
be covered in the new edition I'd be very grateful for the
suggestions. Similarly, any suggested corrections or amendments to the
existing text would be welcome.

In the interests of open discussion I'm suggesting responses could be
posted as comments to my blog entry making the same announcement, thus
collecting them together in one place: http://mrkwr.wordpress.com/2009/01/30/updating-scientific-publishing-in-transition/
. But straight responses to the list or private emails to me are
equally welcome!

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