Multi-Lingual Matters Journals now on informaworld Jennifer McMillan 30 Jan 2009 15:29 UTC

Dear Serialst,

The following information on the transition of Multi-Lingual Matters/Channel
View Journals is currently being sent to T&F customers, and may also be of
interest to you. With apologies for cross-posting:

As you may be aware, Taylor & Francis Group acquired Multi-Lingual Matters
Limited (MML) and Channel View Publications’ list of 19 titles during the course
of 2008. We are currently finalising the transition of these titles and I wanted
to give you an update of how we intend to migrate the journals in the coming

Transition timeline
Currently all of the former MML/Channel View titles have been given a
homepage on informaworld. We have finalised loading all journal content onto
informaworld. We plan to remove MML/Channel View titles from on February 28th.

Online access
Your institution’s online access should have transferred automatically. We
advise you to check your online access on informaworld corresponds with that
on prior to February 28th. A list of titles with issns,
and their old and new urls is available by following the link below:

Online access can be checked on informaworld by logging in as an account
administrator, going to ‘My Account’, and then consulting the ‘Subscriptions’
tab where you can search by journal, and also download your holdings as a
CSV file. Should you spot any anomalies with your access please do contact
our support desk at

Usage statistics
We hope to obtain usage statistics from the former MML/Channel View site and
make these available to subscribers at a later date. In the interim, we advise
all subscribers to download their usage statistics between now and February
28th if they will be required.

Link resolvers
MML/Channel View content is currently appearing in the feeds we provide to
link resolver intermediaries including Serials Solutions, Ex Libris, TD Net and
Ebsco Industries A-Z. We will add to this as further MML/Channel View content
is made available online at informaworld.

We will provide further updates on our schedule and transition plans over the
coming weeks. Your patience and co-operation in dealing with this migration at
what is a busy time for you is very much appreciated. Do contact the
informaworld support desk at if you have need any
extra help to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your users.

With kind regards,

Jennifer McMillan
Library Marketing Manager
Taylor & Francis Group Journals