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This week's digest contains 3 messages:

1. Taylor & Francis Group Announces Co-Publishing Agreement with Anamaya
Publishers, India
2. Announcing ""
3. Darwin Year Celebration Contest

1. Taylor & Francis Group Announces Co-Publishing Agreement with Anamaya
Publishers, India

~with apologies for cross-posting~

Taylor & Francis Group today announced that it will be co-publishing academic
research journals with Anamaya Publishers of New Delhi, India, under its world
famous Taylor & Francis and Routledge imprints.

For the first time the following Anamaya journals will be available to purchase
in international online and print or in online-only editions:

•	Gwalior Academy of Mathematical Sciences (GAMS) Journal of
Mathematics & Mathematical Biosciences ISSN 0974-2689;
•	Indian Chemical Engineer: Quarterly Journal of the Indian Institute of
Chemical Engineers  ISSN 0019-4506;
•	Indian Journal of Industrial & Applied Mathematics: Biannual Journal
of the Indian Society of  Industrial & Applied Mathematics  ISSN 0973-4317;
•	Maritime Affairs: Journal of the National Maritime Foundation of India
ISSN 0973-3159;
•	SESI: Journal of the Solar Energy Society of India  ISSN 0970-2466

Manish Sejwal, owner of Anamaya Publishers said, "We are delighted with the
co-publishing partnership between Anamaya Publishers and the Taylor &
Francis Group, one of the leading publishing brands in the world today. It
marks the beginning of an exciting opportunity for us to present to the global
audience highly relevant scholarly work from well-known scientific and
professional organisations in India. During recent years, Anamaya Publishers
has progressed well in its aim of becoming the leading academic publisher on
the Indian subcontinent by publishing and distributing scholarly books and
journals with a distinctively Indian focus on behalf of our authors, editors and
society partners. We are ideally positioned to take the lead in creating a viable
forum for showcasing Indian knowledge to reach a wider, global audience."

Dr David Green, Global Journals Publishing Director for Taylor & Francis Group
said, "This is an extremely exciting co-publishing partnership. Having
established a journals editorial operation in our New Delhi office, Taylor &
Francis is proud to have entered into a co-publishing partnership with
Anamaya Publishers and its society partners. We are able to bring to the
partnership global sales and marketing exposure, and a cutting-edge online
presence with the informaworld platform.  The Anamaya portfolio of journals is
committed to quality and excellence in editorial content and publishing
standards, so this is a wonderful marriage for all parties."

The incorporation of these five journals in the Taylor & Francis portfolio brings
the total number of journals available to subscribers to 1405 in 2009.

Taylor & Francis Group has 418 journals ranked within the Science and Social
Sciences Journal Citation Reports® (JCRs®).  In the 2007 JCR, 41 Taylor &
Francis Group journals were added.

For further information on both companies please visit

Jennifer McMillan
Library Marketing Manager
Office: +44 (0)207 017 6000

Taylor & Francis Group, 4 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire,
OX14 4RN, UK

Taylor & Francis Group is a trading name of Informa UK Limited, registered in
England under no. 1072954

2. Announcing ""
Dear all,
I recently finished my Ph.D at Oxford on the philosophy of perception.
With a team of people from Stanford and Cambridge, I've just launched a
website,, which does two things:

- It shows academics around the world structured in a 'tree' format,
displayed according to their departmental and institutional affiliations.

- It enables academics to see news on the latest research in their area
- the latest people, papers and talks.

We are hoping that will eventually list every academic in
the world -- Faculty Members, Post-Docs, Graduate Students, and
Independent Researchers. Academics can add their departments, and
themselves, to the tree by clicking on the boxes.

Academics are joining the tree rapidly. More than 25,000 academics have
added themselves in the last three months. Some professors on the site

- Richard Dawkins - - Stephen
Hawking - - Paul Krugman - - Noam Chomsky - - Steven Pinker - We're trying to spread the word
about as much as possible. It would be terrific if you
could visit the site, and add yourself to your department on the tree at If your university is not
there, you can add it. Independent researchers - if you are a researcher
that is not associated with a university, I encourage you to add
yourself to the "Independent Researchers" portion of the tree at

And do spread the word to your friends and colleagues if you can.

Many thanks,


Dr. Richard Price

3. Darwin Year Celebration Contest

On behalf of Springer, Evolution: Education and Outreach
<>  invites all libraries to enter our
Darwin Year Celebration Contest.  Enter your best shot or video and see
it featured in an upcoming issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach.
Enter TODAY!

To enter, please send:

*         Name of the school and contact information

*         A picture or video of display

*         A brief description of about the library and how it's
celebrating Darwin Year

Please send your entry to
<>  by September 1st, 2009.

* Don't forget to check our Springer's Darwin Year page
<>  *

Robyn McKenna


Associate Product Manager - Life Sciences & Biomedicine

233 Spring Street
New York, New York 10013
tel +1 212 620 8416
fax +1 212 460 1577 <>