Re: Access Rights on Informaworld Patricia Thompson 07 Jan 2009 23:18 UTC

Yes. I will send you the message I got. It included this statement:

"In order to minimise user disruption we plan to grace access to all
Haworth Press content on informaworld between now and 22nd January.
This will ensure that user access is not disrupted during this
initial period, as well as giving an opportunity to check that your
holdings on informaworld are correct."

But I am not sure how to check to see whether our holdings are
correct if all of the content is free. Does it say "subscribed"
instead of "free access" if it is activated for our institution?

Pat Thompson

At 03:28 PM 1/7/2009, you wrote:
>Did I miss an announcement from Informaworld about some sort of free
>access period for some of their journal titles beginning in 2009?  The
>reason I am asking is that I have been double checking our online holdings
>in moving our Haworth Press subscriptions to the Informaworld platform and
>I have discovered that a number of our paid subscriptions are currently
>listed as "free access" including expanded back file access.


>Has anyone else noticed this strange phenomenon?  Now I'm not sure how to
>list our access period for these Informaworld holdings in our A-Z list.  I
>have a feeling that the "free access" expanded content won't last long but
>how do I know?
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