Re: Access Rights on Informaworld Diane Johnson 08 Jan 2009 14:50 UTC

Hello,  I received an announcement from Taylor and Francis in
December:  Here is the relevant text:

>The Haworth Press site will run in tandem with informaworld until
>30th March 2009, after which date the Haworth Press site will be closed.
>In order to minimise user disruption we plan to grace access to all
>Haworth Press content on informaworld between now and 22nd January.
>This will ensure that user access is not disrupted during this
>initial period, as well as giving an opportunity to check that your
>holdings on informaworld are correct.
>Online Access
>The Haworth Press licence currently allows access to purchased
>volume years only. We have amended this access model to allow access
>to current content with a current subscription along with a backfile
>to 1997, where digitised. Access to previous content will be made
>available through our Online Archive Packages, with further details
>to follow in the New Year. Purchased content will be available in perpetuity.

Hope this help.  Diane

At 04:28 PM 1/7/2009, you wrote:
>Did I miss an announcement from Informaworld about some sort of free
>access period for some of their journal titles beginning in 2009?  The
>reason I am asking is that I have been double checking our online holdings
>in moving our Haworth Press subscriptions to the Informaworld platform and
>I have discovered that a number of our paid subscriptions are currently
>listed as "free access" including expanded back file access.
>A few examples are provided below:
>Journal of Offender Rehabilitation
>Access on Haworth Press site was from 1993 to present
>Access on Informaworld is now from 12/12/1990 to present and indicated as
>"free access"
>Journal of Organizational Behavior Management
>Access on Haworth Press site was from 1993 to present
>Access on Informaworld is now from 09/10/1977 to present and indicated as
>"free access"
>Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community
>Access on Haworth Press site was from 2000 to present
>Access on Informaworld is now from 10/26/1996 to present and indicated as
>"free access"
>Has anyone else noticed this strange phenomenon?  Now I'm not sure how to
>list our access period for these Informaworld holdings in our A-Z list.  I
>have a feeling that the "free access" expanded content won't last long but
>how do I know?
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