ALCTS Electronic Resources Interest Group: Troubleshooting + E-Resources = Success!! Jennifer Lang 08 Jan 2009 23:12 UTC

 ALCTS Electronic Resources Interest Group
 ALA Midwinter Meeting
 Saturday, January 24, 2009
 Ritz Carlton Salon 3
 Denver, CO
 "The URL doesn't work anymore. It worked earlier today." "Why are we
being prompted for a password now?" "Aren't we supposed to have access
to the ENTIRE run of this e-journal?"
 Sound familiar? If so, the ALCTS Electronic Interest Group panel
discussion on troubleshooting e-resources is the place for you to be
on Saturday morning, January 24, 2009! The panel will feature four
presentations covering troubleshooting tricks and tips and useful
tools for keeping track of things. PLUS, participants will have time
to ask questions and share their own troubleshooting secrets!
 The panel:
 Regina Koury (Electronic Resources/Reference Librarian at Idaho
State University) - Troubleshooting E-Resources with a Crystal Ball:
What Works and What Doesn't
 Ryan Weir (Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian at Murray
State University) - Crisis Negotiator/Skilled Diplomat: Ebrarian
 Geoff Timms (Electronic Resources Librarian, Mercer University) -
Resolving E-Access Problems – Critical Information for Timely
 Denise Pan (Director of Technical Services, Auraria Library, Denver)
and Gayle Bradbeer (Distance Support Librarian, Auraria Library,
Denver) -  AurProblem Blog: Using Web 2.0 to Troubleshoot E-Resources
 Additional information can be found on the ALCTS Electronic
Resources Interest Group's blog: [1]
 If you have any questions, please contact:
 Jennifer Lang
 Chair, ALCTS Electronic Resources Interest Group
 Electronic Resources Cataloging Coordinator
 Princeton University Library
 Princeton, NJ