Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries IG at Midwinter (formerly: "Medium Heads") Jack Hall 13 Jan 2009 14:54 UTC

>Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries Interest Group,
>8:00-10:00 AM, Saturday, Jan. 24, Elevation Room, Crowne Plaza Denver
>City Center
>Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries Interest Group
>(formerly the Technical Services Administrators of Medium-Sized Research
>Libraries Interest Group, or the "Medium Heads") will meet from
>8:00-10:00 AM, Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009 in the Elevation Room of the
>Crowne Plaza Denver City Center. Our discussion topic is "Coping with
>Cuts: Handling Budget Reductions in Technical Services". Groups will
>consider staffing issues, communication issues, workload issues, and how
>to deal with possible layoffs during economic hard times. Although
>uncomfortable topics, they are some which many of us have faced or will
>be facing.
>Please note: we have changed both our name and our meeting time. We
>welcome those who have an interest in technical services management in
>college and university libraries, with no rules about who is
>"medium-sized" or who is an "administrator". We apologize right now for
>the 8 AM time, but we hope it will lessen our competition with some
>other great sessions that take place later on Sat.
>Also please note: the most capable Elizabeth Brice and Linda Lomker will
>team up as substitute chairs for this meeting, while I stay behind and
>"cope with cuts". A big thank-you to both of them for their willingness
>to stand in for me.
>We (they) hope to see you there!
>Roberta Winjum
>Associate University Librarian
>Technical Services
>Vanderbilt University Library
>419 21st Avenue South
>Nashville, TN 37240

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