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Thank you for sharing this information.  Has anyone else noticed that
the price of Anthrosource has DOUBLED since last year?  My inquiries to
WB have gone unanswered.  Is anyone from WB lurking here?


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Maybe I missed this, but I don't remember seeing anything on the list-
serv about this change.

This morning, someone in ILL called me because our AnthroSource URL
wasn't working for Latin American Anthropology Group Contributions
(Vol. 1 1976).  We have all of our AnthroSource URLs listed as http:// (xxxx standing for the title's
abbreviation).  I looked at it and got an error message that the page
couldn't be found.  I dropped the /loi/xxxx, and was able to connect
to AnthroSource.

When I got there, I discovered that 1) not all of the previous
content is on the AnthroSource site anymore, 2) the pdf and html
links take the user to Wiley-Blackwell (initially, many of the
articles came up with an error message #4090 on the W-B site), 3) the
content that is no longer on AnthroSource is available on W-B, but if
it is earlier than 1997 we are prompted for a username/password.

Concerning missing content, here's an example.  With the old version
of AnthroSource, we had Vol. 1-6 (1989-94) of Latin American
Anthropology Review, now only Vol. 1 is listed on the AnthroSource
website (under the title Journal of Latin American and Caribbean

I also found that the official changes began on 12/22/08  -- click
here for the link.

After all of the problems we had when Wiley & Blackwell merged this
past summer, it appears that we are going to have the same problems
with AnthroSource.

Anyone else have problems??