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Hi, Paris:

When you are able to, I would appreciate seeing a post with summary replies. Thanks. kst

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I've received some very good responses to the question below posted late in Dec.  Thank you to everyone who responded.
Since, I sent it just before many people went on holiday or perhaps were already gone, I thought I'd put the question back out there one more time in case those who missed it would care to send comments.

Thanks again.

Paris E. Webb, M.L.S., M.A. Eng.
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From: Webb, Paris
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Subject: electronic resources usage statistics

I am doing some research about what kinds of usage statistics academic libraries are gathering on their journal collections and databases.   Many if not most vendors/publishers are or are becoming COUNTER compliant but generally still offer other types of reports as well.  We use both and are currently doing manual downloads or receiving automated e-mail reports, depending on the vendor.

1.       Is there anyone who could share information on what types of statistics they generally use?  COUNTER, vendor reports, both, other?

2.       Which of these, if any, do you use to make purchase and retention decisions?

3.       Is SUSHI as user-friendly and efficient as it appears?

Please feel free to comment on any of these questions off-list to my e-mail address below.


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