Survey: Are you working with Electronic Medical Records systems (EMRS) development? Results Now Published... Ellero, Nadine (npe6f) 20 Jan 2009 18:17 UTC

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Almost a year ago we sent out a survey for you to participate in and  we would like to thank all of you who did.  The results are now published and available at:

Crossing Over: Health Sciences Librarians Contributing and Collaborating on Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Implementation
Author: Nadine P. Ellero a
a Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, VA, USA
DOI: 10.1080/15323260802612620
Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year
Published in: Journal of Hospital Librarianship, Volume 9, Issue 1 January 2009 , pages 89 - 107

Getting the right internal and best external information to the points of need is critical in the health system/hospital enterprise. This information access can be enabled by the skills and experiences of catalogers for internally generated information and by reference librarians for integrating the best external information into the electronic medical record (EMR) system. Through the author's experiences of inventorying and classifying clinical documents and physician order sets, a case is presented for health sciences librarians to cultivate deeper connections with clinical colleagues and health system/hospital enterprises. A literature review and informal listserv survey of EMR activities and interest among health sciences librarians indicate that contributions and collaboration are emerging and a significant impact of 53% of survey responders favored or participated in EMR development.

Thanks, Nadine

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