Re: Fwd: problems - AnthroSource & Wiley - problems Andrea Serra 30 Jan 2009 21:56 UTC

I have the following notes in our records for the title you mentioned:

1/9/07 - AAA is currently working on getting 1980-2004 content up on
the site, and AnthroSource expects it to be available within the next
month.  When this missing content is added, institutional access will
be restricted by a 10-year moving wall. Only content older than 10
years will be available to our patrons.
8/24/07 - Later content still not available. Sent an e-mail to
AnthroSource requesting target date for this update.
8/29/07 - Email from AnthroSource that their IT department expects
content to be available mid- to late Oct. 2007.

There still seems to be no 1980-2004 content posted.

Hope this helps.

At 03:47 PM 1/30/2009, you wrote:
>I have received some feedback from Mandy Winfield @ Wiley UK.  You
>can see her answers below (not sure if the colors will come through
>on the email or not).
>One thing that she mentioned is that the reason we don't have access
>to recent issues of Anthropology News is that there is a 10 year
>embargo for institutions.  I don't remember ever having this problem
>before.  I responded back to her for further clarification on that
>title.  Anyone else remember having an embargo on Anthropology News?
>It also appears that they will be sending something out to SERIALST
>the next time they have an update.
>Begin forwarded message:
>>Dear Ken,
>>Following on from my email yesterday, regarding the below questions
>>you raised, I haven't got answers for all but have commented on
>>what we are doing about it.
>>Also regarding the posting an email to the Serial list the
>>Publishing Manager for AnthroSource has agreed that the next set of
>>communication that goes out we will also send to the Serials List.
>>I hope this is useful and will keep you updated with the progress
>>on the things I am following up.
>>Many thanks for all of your feedback provided below.
>>Kind regards,
>>Mandy Winfield - Business Systems Support Specialist
>>Journal Services for John Wiley & Sons
>>From: Ken Siegert []
>>Sent: 28 January 2009 20:11
>>To: Winfield, Mandy - Oxford
>>Cc: Ken Siegert
>>Subject: Fwd: problems - AnthroSource & Wiley - problems
>>Importance: High
>>Hi Mandy,
>>Do you have any updates on the items listed below?  Do you have a
>>list of titles/volumes/dates that are not yet available on the
>>AnthroSource/Wiley websites?
>>Just a suggestion -- it might be a good idea for either you or
>>someone else at Wiley to send an email to the SERIALST list.  There
>>are quite a few unhappy customers, and not all of the emails are
>>sent to SERIALST, but instead are sent to individual emails.  So
>>there is more discontent that Wiley might realize.
>>Begin forwarded message:
>>From: Ken Siegert <ken.siegert@FANDM.EDU>
>>Date: January 23, 2009 10:13:57 AM EST
>>To: "Winfield, Mandy - Oxford" <>
>>Cc: Ken Siegert <ken.siegert@FANDM.EDU>
>>Subject: Re: SERIALST Digest - 15 Jan 2009 to 16 Jan 2009 (#2009-11)
>>Hi Mandy,
>>Thanks for the list.  I have a few items for you.
>>Serials Solutions
>>1)  Some of the Serials Solutions links do not work; those that
>>don't work are using the correct ISSN for the title, but the title
>>has since changed.  For example, Anthropology and Humanism
>>Quarterly has this URL --
>>issn=0193-5615.  This uses the correct ISSN for the title, but give
>>you an error message, stating "Object reference not set to an
>>instance of an object."  The URL that should be listed on Serials
>>Solutions for the title Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly is
>>, which is
>>for the current title of Anthropology and Humanism.  It is my
>>understanding from Serials Solutions that their information comes
>>directly from the publisher, so corrected URLs need to be sent to
>>them.  Here are the titles for which the URLs are not correct in
>>Serials Solutions
>>The problem here is that Anthrosource website can only handle one
>>ISSN for the same publication, so publication like this that
>>changed name and ISSN are listed under one ISSN(http://
>> I noticed that
>>you had mentioned Serials Solutions had fixed this problem ? I
>>suppose what we could do is, knowing the old ISSNs, put in place a
>>redirection that points the old one to the new URL. Robert would it
>>be possible for you to give a list of all the old names and ISSNs
>>for each publication? Some of the ones below I don't recognize and
>>I get easily lost with all the Anth content
>>Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly
>>Anthropology Newsletter
>>Communicator: Newsletter of the Council on Nutritional Anthropology
>>Journal of Latin American Anthropology
>>Latin American Anthropology Review
>>Newsletter (Society for the Anthropology of Visual Communication)
>>PIEF Newsletter
>>Society for Visual Anthropology Review
>>Studies in the Anthropology of Visual Communication
>>SVA Newsletter
>>SVA Review
>>2)  Also on Serials Solutions, the Newsletter of the Society for
>>the Anthropology of the United States and Canada, is not listed.
>>This is an earlier title to North American Dialogue.
>>AnthroSource website (we are using these URLs, and not linking
>>directly to Wiley) Our Content team are checking this issue
>>3)  We do not have access to Anthropology News (as indicated with
>>the red circle and slash), Vol. 46 (2005) through the current
>>issue. There is a 10 year embargo on access for institutional
>>customers per the policy of the AAA. So, the lack of access is correct
>>4)  We see no content for Vol. 1-14 (1994-2007) for the title
>>General Anthropology These issues are listed on AnthroSource, when
>>clicking through to the issue TOCs there is no content, so Our
>>Content team are checking this
>>5)  Vol. 1 (1976) of the title, Latin American Anthropology Group
>>Contributions, is no longer listed. I am waiting for the Publishing
>>Manager to respond on this one
>>6)  Most of Vol. 1-6 (1989-94) of the title, Latin American
>>Anthropology Review, is no longer listed. I am waiting for the
>>Publishing Manager to respond on this one
>>7)  Vol. 1-2 (1991/92) of the title, Newsletter of the Society for
>>the Anthropology of the United States and Canada show an error #
>>4090 when attempting to access articles.  This is an earlier title
>>to North American Dialogue. These issues are listed on
>>AnthroSource, when clicking through to the issue TOCs there is no
>>content, so Our Content team are checking this
>>8)  When accessing Vol. 4-14 (1990-2000) of the Bulletin of the
>>Society for the Anthropology of Europe, we are prompted for a
>>username / password.  This is an earlier title to the Journal of
>>the Society for the Anthropology of Europe. This is because it was
>>under a previous journal title, I am requesting this to be fixed,
>>and access to be granted for all issues.
>>On Jan 20, 2009, at 5:55 AM, Winfield, Mandy - Oxford wrote:
>>Dear Ken Siegert,
>>Thank you for your recent communication regarding the
>> Website.
>>Please find attached an Excel Spreadsheet with all the new URLS for
>>the AnthroSource website as well as on Wiley Interscience.
>>I can confirm that we are currently working on providing all
>>matching content on both AnthroSource and Wiley Interscience for
>>the collection of journals.
>>Please accept my apologies for the disruption in online access and
>>can ensure you we are working to get this corrected. I will make
>>sure that your comments are passed over to the web team to look into.
>>If you require any further assistance with this matter then please
>>do not hesitate to contact me.
>>Kind regards,
>>Mandy Winfield - Business Systems Support Specialist
>>Journal Services for John Wiley & Sons
>>Date:    Fri, 16 Jan 2009 10:46:51 -0500
>>From:    Ken Siegert <ken.siegert@FANDM.EDU>
>>Subject: AnthroSource and Wiley-Blackwell
>>Maybe I missed this, but I don't remember seeing anything on the list-
>>serv about this change.
>>This morning, someone in ILL called me because our AnthroSource URL
>>wasn't working for Latin American Anthropology Group Contributions
>>(Vol. 1 1976).  We have all of our AnthroSource URLs listed as http://
>> (xxxx standing for the title's
>>abbreviation).  I looked at it and got an error message that the page
>>couldn't be found.  I dropped the /loi/xxxx, and was able to connect
>>to AnthroSource.
>>When I got there, I discovered that 1) not all of the previous
>>content is on the AnthroSource site anymore, 2) the pdf and html
>>links take the user to Wiley-Blackwell (initially, many of the
>>articles came up with an error message #4090 on the W-B site), 3) the
>>content that is no longer on AnthroSource is available on W-B, but if
>>it is earlier than 1997 we are prompted for a username/password.
>>Concerning missing content, here's an example.  With the old version
>>of AnthroSource, we had Vol. 1-6 (1989-94) of Latin American
>>Anthropology Review, now only Vol. 1 is listed on the AnthroSource
>>website (under the title Journal of Latin American and Caribbean
>>I also found that the official changes began on 12/22/08  -- click
>>here for the link.
>>After all of the problems we had when Wiley & Blackwell merged this
>>past summer, it appears that we are going to have the same problems
>>with AnthroSource.
>>Anyone else have problems??
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