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I looked at your 2 records and find it is not quite the same thing. One
title includes the other, but also continues it. I have two mutually
exclusive titles published under the same covers, but one is inverted on
the back of the other. I think they look a lot like the "Ace doubles.
The primary title e.g. Navy Times (p.1-33) has the appended inverted
title Navy Times Off Duty (p.1-15) on the back. The subject matter is
similar and used by the same readers (one on-duty and the other off-duty
navy people). Several months ago, the same collection of titles added a
supplement called Edge. That at lease was straightforward. Does anyone
else have some ideas? Thanks for any and all of them we receive!


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If I think what is happening is what you are describing, way back in the
late 1960's and 70's, there were two titles called Journal of Biological
Psychology and on the back inverted was Wormrunner's Digest.  Take a
look at those bib records for some idea.

Is yours like the 1950-60 Ace Double Paperbacks??

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>>> Mary E Massey <masse36e@ERAU.EDU> 5/1/2009 2:46 PM >>>

I need help in adding notes for a title that has added another title on
the back (separately paginated) and inverted.

Each of the military branch "times" (Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marines)
has added this new feature called "Off duty" to their titles. I am
thinking that a 580 note with an added 77X field for Off duty could do
the trick. Does the inversion technique have a technical name like the
"tete-beche" of books that I could use in the note to make the situation
more understandable? Thanks for any help you can give me!

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