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I've heard that other librarians do like to see "turnaway" data from titles to
which they don't subscribe, since it indicates their users' interest in
non-subscribed content. Publishers, of course, like to see this information for
marketing purposes. Of course, we're a small publisher in terms of the number of
titles we produce, so this wouldn't represent a lot of lines of data for us.

How do others feels about seeing usage (or attempted usage) of nonsubscribed


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Funny you should ask!  I'm in the midst of our second HUGE cancellation
process in less than a year.  I'm finding that publisher-supplied
statistics don't match the EMS, either.  However, for one of the
publishers we believe the discrepancy, (EMS is hugely greater than pub
stats) may be due to the pub requiring login instead of using IP
authentication.  We believe that users may be turned away from using the
publication, even though we have a page that supplies login information.
They've registered as a hit in the EMS because they clicked the local
link.  So for the EMS we're counting raw hits and not downloads.  We
expect that it will be somewhat larger.  That's as close as we can get
with our EMS, though.

We have a horrible time collecting statistics from publishers.  They
give us our downloads for all their titles, not just those to which we
subscribe.  It's not fun editing them.

We don't use Shibboleth.

Have a good weekend!!


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Hello All,

Does anyone else experience problems collecting accurate usage
statistics for their electronic journals? We find that our statistics
from the publisher's website don't always match those of our e-resource
management system. What are your library's procedures for collecting
statistics (i.e., where do you get your statistics)? Does anyone use

Thanks in advance,

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