Mississippi Quarterly April 2009 Supplement Lindsey Schell 06 May 2009 17:45 UTC

Dear Serialisters,

I'm attempting to help one of our catalogers with a journal in my subject
area  - we just received the Mississippi Quarterly. April 2009 Supplement:
Eudora Welty Centennial.  Our receipts show the journal is two years behind,
but a letter accompanying this supplement said it was issued out of sequence
to mark the Welty centennial. There is no numbering anywhere on the issue,
nor indication that it is meant to be THE spring 2009 issue of this
otherwise biannual publication. My cataloger is leaning towards a
monographic record so it will be subject traceable for Welty fans, but I'd
prefer to keep it in sequence on the serial record if possible.  Has anyone
else dealt with this already?

Many thanks,


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