Re: Order records for e-journals van Sickle, Jennifer 11 May 2009 15:44 UTC

We create order records for packages such as JSTOR and Project MUSE, but
not for individual titles contained within.  Access to individual titles
is through our catalog or journal finder (from Serials Solutions).  We
use Voyager for our ILS.  Hope this helps.

Jennifer van Sickle
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We're wondering how other libraries handle large e-journal packages such
as JSTOR in their acquisitions module.

It has been the policy here to create an order record for every title in
each package. This is done so that acquisitions staff can determine the
source of each e-journal and see a list of titles included in each

We use SFX and are implementing MARCit!, Ex Libris' MARC record service
for e-journals. The new workflow makes it difficult to get an order
record on every e-journal title, and our systems administrator thinks
questions about order source and package content can be determined using
SFX. But our acquisitions staff want to be able to see that information
within the acquisitions module and are not comfortable with the idea of
abandoning order records for every e-journal title.

Any advice, suggestions, cautions, etc., on the pros and cons of order
records for e-journals would be much appreciated.


Patty Glasson
Serials Cataloging Specialist
Purdue University