Re: Stand alone serials software? Mark L. Ferguson 12 May 2009 20:43 UTC

Hi Carolyn:

I have been using MS Access to track our journals, locate missing issues
and email claims to our subscription agent (Ebsco)and this has been
working fairly well over the years.  I have also used it to store all
kinds of information (ISSN #, frequency, holdings info, subjects, last
issue received etc.) and used it to publish a hardcopy guide to our
periodicals collection.  Its cheap!, compared to other online systems
and amazingly flexible, once you learn how to use it.  And it acts more
like a database I think,and with greater flexibility than Excel.

It is a bit difficult to learn, since it does have so much flexibility
and is extremely powerful.  I would recommend going to a workshop on how
to use it, if your budget allows.  There are also lots of books, but I
found the workshops more useful, if you get someone good, to get you

Feel free to email me back, if you have further questions.


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Help!  We don't have a serials control program with our current ILS and
I recently discovered records for periodical publications have been kept
in three different places and three different ways.  Since we don't have
an acquisitions budget (!) all of our periodicals are donations.  With a
recent reduction in staff I am now responsible for two of the periodical
collections and am working towards taking on the third.  I'd prefer to
automate this all in one database.  Before I look at setting up a
database on my own I wondered if anyone can recommend a free or
inexpensive alternative. (I work for the State, enough said?)  They've
been using a Kardex, Excel, and Word to track the different collections.
All have been very basic and impossible to really see where we have

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!

Thank you!

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