Subscription Jobbers Jim Flury 21 May 2009 15:25 UTC

We are preparing our every three year rfq for provision of subscription service. What companies are libraries in our category (35+ public libraries, in the neighborhood of $500,000 annual subscription expenditures) using for this service thse days? EBSCO, W.T. Cox, Wolper and Popular are big in public libraries. Swets and Harrassowitz are out there, too of course although I wonder if they might be more than we need. I don't know very much about Basch but they are another possibility. Many, many years ago we used to work with a Michigan-based company called Reginald F. Fennell but I don't know whether they are even in business any longer. And of course there are online vendors such as and others that some libraries work with, too.

I'm not looking for reviews/critiques of service, good or bad, but rather just input as to what others are doing. The subscription jobber world changed a great deal with the demise of Faxon/RoweCom/divine. I just want to make sure that I am not out of touch with that changed world.

Thanks for your input.

Jim Flury

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