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I use the Subject List of course we are not a special library we are
academic and it works for us - The problem I have is that there are
titles with no subject headings - I know SS is trying to work on this

Ed Gil
Periodicals Librarian

Dyer, Renata wrote:
> I agree with you Twila.
> I think that the subject listing currently available on SS portal is all too generic and could maybe fit only public libraries users needs.
> Similarly to you I work in a special library; our interest relates to economics, fiscal policy, retirement schemes, taxation, modelling, legislation in regards to all just mentioned and many more...
> The subjects such as Superannuation or even Pensions or Taxation are not available in HILCC used by Serials Solutions and we would really like to see SS investing a bit in doing something about it.
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> Hi All,
> I have good usage of the 360 Core E-Journals, and use the subject categories
> frequently to show physicians how they can link directly to the journals
> available in their specialty.
> My issue lies in the fact that there are inaccuracies in these categories, for
> example, no listing for Orthopedics under Health and  Biological Sciences (this
> is just one example). The categories are defined by the HILCC Classification.
> SS said that they purchased the HILCC Classification and felt they could not
> change it.  In emailing the developer of the HILCC Classification he said that
> SS had purchased it and could make any changes they wanted to it.
> When I sent that information to SS, the reply was that "that the restructuring
> bits of HILCC is a long term project that we will be working on when we have
> the resources".  This sounds like permanent shelving to me....
> I would be interested in knowing if there are other SS users out there that
> would like to see HILCC restructured or have seen other issues in the
> structuring of HILCC.
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