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We also are a university library and it works for us too. Does anybody know
if it is possible to include subject headings in Library Specific Holdings
databases?(titles not included in the Knowledge base). That would be very

Thank you!

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I use the Subject List of course we are not a special library we are
academic and it works for us - The problem I have is that there are
titles with no subject headings - I know SS is trying to work on this

Ed Gil
Periodicals Librarian

Dyer, Renata wrote:
> I agree with you Twila.
> I think that the subject listing currently available on SS portal is all
too generic and could maybe fit only public libraries users needs.
> Similarly to you I work in a special library; our interest relates to
economics, fiscal policy, retirement schemes, taxation, modelling,
legislation in regards to all just mentioned and many more...
> The subjects such as Superannuation or even Pensions or Taxation are not
available in HILCC used by Serials Solutions and we would really like to see
SS investing a bit in doing something about it.
> Renata Dyer
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> Hi All,
> I have good usage of the 360 Core E-Journals, and use the subject
> frequently to show physicians how they can link directly to the journals
> available in their specialty.
> My issue lies in the fact that there are inaccuracies in these categories,
> example, no listing for Orthopedics under Health and  Biological Sciences
> is just one example). The categories are defined by the HILCC
> SS said that they purchased the HILCC Classification and felt they could
> change it.  In emailing the developer of the HILCC Classification he said
> SS had purchased it and could make any changes they wanted to it.
> When I sent that information to SS, the reply was that "that the
> bits of HILCC is a long term project that we will be working on when we
> the resources".  This sounds like permanent shelving to me....
> I would be interested in knowing if there are other SS users out there
> would like to see HILCC restructured or have seen other issues in the
> structuring of HILCC.
> Twila Snead
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