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2010 JOHN MERRIMAN JOINT UKSG/NASIG AWARD publicist 13 Oct 2009 13:37 UTC



Partially Underwritten by Taylor & Francis

The UKSG (UK Serials Group) and NASIG (North American
Serials Interest Group) are seeking applicants for a joint
venture to allow a member of the each group to attend the
conference of their sister organization.  The purpose of
this conference-swap is for people working at a practical
level in e-resource management to learn and share
experiences at the UKSG Annual Conference to be held in
Edinburgh, Scotland, 12-14 April, 2010 or the NASIG Annual
Conference that will be held in Palm Springs, California,
June 2-5, 2010.

The UKSG, set up in 1978, exists to encourage the exchange
of ideas on printed and electronic serials and the process
of scholarly communication. Established in 1985, NASIG is an
independent international organization committed to
promoting communication and sharing of ideas among all
people working with or concerned about serial publications.

DESCRIPTION OF AWARD:  The award is named in honor of John
Merriman in recognition of John’s work in starting both
the UKSG and NASIG.
The $6,000 award supports two people, one from each
association, and consists of travel to the sister
conference, and accommodations for the duration of the
conference.  In addition to the award the recipients will
receive paid conference registration which includes most
meals.   This award does not include support for the award
recipients to attend their home conference, but each
applicant is encouraged to attend their home conference.

ELIGIBILITY:  The award is open to members of NASIG or UKSG
with one recipient being chosen from each organization.
Applicants must be in a functional position with direct
responsibilities for some aspect of e-resources within a
Library or Information Service.  Examples could include
administering, or developing systems and services relating
to, e-journals, e-books, open access repositories and so on.
English is the designated language.  Current Board members
and Officers of NASIG and UKSG are not eligible.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  The following materials are required
to be submitted electronically either in Microsoft Word or
plain text (.txt) format by January 18, 2010.

•  A completed application
•  An essay of 500 words or less discussing an issue
relating to e-resources   that you have experienced in your
library, and your role in how this issue was managed
•  A paragraph describing what you hope to achieve by
attending the NASIG or UKSG conference
•  Two reference questionnaires
•  The successful recipients of the award will be required
to write an article about their conference experiences for
the UKSG’s journal Serials or the NASIG Newsletter

Application forms and reference questionnaires will be
available after October 1, 2009, through the NASIG AWARDS
Page at , through the UKSG website at and from Carol Ficken, Co-Chair
Awards & Recognition Committee or Kate Price, UKSG Education
Sub-Committee.  Completed applications and related materials
should be emailed to:

Carol Ficken
Co-Chair, NASIG Awards & Recognition Committee
University of Akron
Akron, OH, USA
Phone:  330-972-7296


Kate Price
UKSG, Education Subcommittee
University of Surrey
Guildford, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1483 682876

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Applications and related materials
must be emailed (received) by January 18, 2010.
Applications emailed after this date will not be considered.


Established in 1985, the North American Serials Interest
Group, Inc. (NASIG) is an independent organization that
promotes communication and sharing of ideas among all
members of the serials information chain - anyone working
with or concerned about serial publications.

For more information about NASIG, see:

Marilyn M. Carney
Publicist, NASIG, Inc.