Question on merge for a CONSER library Susan Moore 14 Oct 2009 18:25 UTC

Dear Serialsters:

We received the publication "Condition of Iowa community colleges" from
2003-2005 (OCLC #55139744). In 2006, the title changed to "Condition of
Iowa community colleges and workforce preparation" (OCLC #156995319). In
2007, the title changed back to "Condition of Iowa community colleges"
(OCLC #320095874). I'd like to merge these three into one record but I'm
not at a CONSER library. Realizing that we're all busy enough on our
own, would a CONSER library be willing to take this on?

The title changed again in 2008 to "Condition on Iowa's community
colleges" (OCLC #320098583), sadly.

Susan Moore
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA