Re: Checking in print plus online subscriptions? Williams, Mary Welch 02 Oct 2009 15:25 UTC

These are 41 titles which do get used online, but not in print.  Believe
me, we've done two cancellation projects in the past year and anything
not well-used has been axed.

Cancelling subscriptions doesn't reduce staff cuts, they are different
funds and the staff is going to get cut.  We're going to have to
cross-train the staff that's left and the less work we have to do with
fewer people the better for the general sanity.


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Good morning, not to sound rude, but why spend good money on 41 titles
are not being utilized?  If someone requested an article from one of
unused print titles, would you not be able to locate the article
The $$ you save in cancelling those subscriptions could probably help
prevent some staff cuts.

Good Luck!

MJ Crouse
Stowe Free Library
Stowe, VT

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Good morning!!

We're facing further staff reductions and I'm trying to find ways for us
to spend our precious time on things that really matter.

We've been moving subscriptions to online only where economically
feasible, but we still receive titles where online only is not an
option.  We know that our print titles don't get used, we've got numbers
that tell us so.  I've suggested that we not check in the print issue of
our print+ subscriptions.  We have 41 such titles.

My supervisor would like to know if others have done this and if there
have been any ramifications, so I am asking you.

Thanks for your help,


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