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Hi, Sarah. We use a separate bib record for every iteration of a journal: print, online, film, fiche, etc.

Hope this helps!


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Hey folks,

I searched the archives for responses to this issue [one bib record or
two in the ILS], but I didn't see anything posted since 2003 so I'd
like to query this issue again. For print journals dropped in favor of
online journals, our library's policy in the last few years has been a
one bib record approach in our ILS. For us this means we continue to use
the print record but add an internet resources holding record, a url,
and various local notes to make it clear to the patron that print is no
longer received but current issues are available online. (There are
other cataloging details but I won't review those here.)

Now we are considering a 2 bib record approach: keep the print record
but also add the online record to our ILS and hope the change in format
is clear to our patrons.

What are other libraries doing? Since the ILS isn't the only way to
search for a journal, I'm wondering what makes most sense for our patrons.

Thanks in advance for your responses!


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