AIP Congratulates Nobel Laureates in Physics Bruce Shriver 06 Oct 2009 18:12 UTC

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Papers of 2009 Nobel Laureates Now Freely Available:

Dear Colleagues,

The American Institute of Physics congratulates this year's Nobel Laureates in
Physics. Sharing half the prize for his work in developing optical fibers for
telecommunications is Dr. Charles Kao, of Standard Telecommunication
Laboratories, Harlow, UK, and Chinese University of Hong Kong. According to the
Nobel committee, there's now enough fiber-optic cable on Earth to wrap around
the globe 25,000 times.

Dr. Willard Boyle and Dr. George Smith, formerly of Bell Labs, will share half
the prize for their invention of the charge-coupled device. While trying to come
up with a new type of computer memory, they realized the device they invented
could be used to capture images digitally. Today CCDs are inside interplanetary
probes, medical devices and digital cameras-from the one on your cell phone, to
the one on board the Hubble.

AIP is pleased to offer you a host of resources on our website, including an
overview of the work done by these three men, plus related links, photos and
interviews.  We’re also happy to make to available free of charge a selection
of research papers these Nobel Laureates have published in our journals. To view
any of these materials go to


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