Re: Use of Ebsco's Rapid Renewal for Elsevier titles? Diane Netting Paldan 07 Oct 2009 17:58 UTC

Another question from the field.

Is this a tool one can use whether or not you pay for subscriptions
through Ebsco?


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Rapid Renewal is a tool Ebsco has developed to facilitate the title
reconciliation and renewal of large publisher packages that are part of a
Big Deal contract a library or consortial group has negotiated with a

Rather than email spreadsheets with incomplete and often inaccurate title
lists back and forth between the publisher, library, and serial vendor,
would allow the library to work in one automated tool for each publisher
package and not have to duplicate the work, or waste time waiting on email
responses over and over again.

The tool diplays all titles governed by that contract, their costs, has
separate tabs alerting you to all title transfers both in and out of that
publisher, and alerts you if you exceed the provisions of your contact,
example, by attempting to cancel more than the percentage you'd agreed to.

At the end of the day, this tool will save us all a lot of unecessary
duplication of work, and will facilitate a more rapid renewal of these big


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What is Rapid Renewal exactly? I use online renewal for our print and
online journals that we order through Ebsco. Is that the same thing?

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Rais, Shirley (LLU) wrote:
> Last year I used Rapid Renewal for my consortial package renewals for
> Sage & Springer. For this year I wanted to expand it and was told that
> Elsevier and Wiley-Blackwell agreed to participate but only for a
> limited number of customers ( I guess they want to try it out). I’ve
> never received a flat out, “No, we won’t participate.” I’m told
> everyone I deal with on my e-packages that I want to use Rapid
> Renewal: my Elsevier & Wiley-Blackwell reps, the consortia through
> which I order most of our packages, and my e-package renewal
> specialist at EBSCO. I thought that if Elsevier & W-B were looking for
> participants, I wanted to make sure my name got out there!
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> *Subject:* [SERIALST] Use of Ebsco's Rapid Renewal for Elsevier titles?
> Is anyone else experiencing problems convincing Elsevier to
> participate in Ebsco’s new Rapid Renewal Tool for managing and
> renewing subscription titles that are part of Big Deal contracts, or
> acquired through consortia sponsored Big Deals?
> We are very disspointed today to hear from the publisher that they
> will not paricipate in the program, or perhaps that applies only to
> us, we’re not sure.
> Libraries use serial vendors for a multitude of reasons. But perhaps
> the most important one in this unstable financial environment is to
> facilitate the rapid renewal and payment of journal title
> subscriptions as early in the fiscal year as possible. This is
> especially vital for large state funded libraries who participate in
> multiple journal publisher Big Deals which require title
> reconciliation before renewals can even be processed. The reality of
> our financial environment is that most libraries are experiencing
> multiple budget cuts within the same fiscal year, and the truth is
> that we are likely to experience this same trend for the next few
> years. This means that many libraries will have to face difficult
> decisions about any journals not yet renewed or paid further into each
> fiscal year.
> Perhaps Elsevier is unaware of this trend? Could it be they do not
> realize the potential consequence of insisting on a renewal process
> that takes longer and leaves their journal titles still unpaid more
> than halfway through the library’s fiscal year? I guess I can’t help
> but wonder, how is that a good business decision?
> If there is anyone out there with similar observations and questions,
> I would love to hear from you! Or if I’m missing something and you can
> convince me of the wisdom of Elsevier’s decision, please feel free to
> Thanks,
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