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This is what I got as a questionaire for determining the price of a site license based on users.  Look for "Universe" and figure that one out!

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As for site-wide access we will have to ask the publisher for a quote
Publisher would like an answer to several questions to calculate the price

Please fill in the questionaire below.
We will then forward this to the publisher and ask for a quote.


1)      Please select which site license option are you interested in:

         COMBO OPTION ____                   6 JOURNAL SUITE OPTION  ____

 2)      How many sites will be covered by the license ? (each
location/campus is considered a separate site):

 3)      Please provide the complete street address of all sites :

 4)      What is the number of FTE's at sites covered by the license    .
4a) If Hospital, How many beds?

 5)      Please list research institutes, teaching hospitals, medical
centers affiliated with your  institution

 6)       Number of users of the journals of the AACR (note that we request
both the total universe of possible users, as well as a more specific
number of likely  users).

 Universe:        Likely Users:

7) What IP Address ranges will be covered by the site license:

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