Cochrane on Mandates: An Australian example at QUT Stevan Harnad 16 Nov 2009 12:07 UTC

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Cochrane, Tom G. (2009) Mandates: An Australian example at the
Queensland University of Technology. CERN workshop on Innovations in
Scholarly Communication (OAI6), 17-19 June 2009, University of Geneva

SUMMARY: Work carried out by Arthur Sale some time ago showed
unequivocally that having a mandate in place makes all the difference
in the success of development of institutional repositories.
To this we can now add sufficient evidence of momentum throughout the
university to be able to claim that the open access mandate at QUT has
contributed to the growing dynamism and health of research generally.
While this may seem unremarkable to long standing champions and
advocates of open access in the research community (and indeed it is
unremarkable) it may be a show-starting argument for those who have
seen the consideration of open access languishing as a tenth order
conversation in their universities.