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We have withdrawn most of our JSTOR titles.  It was done in one big
project initially and we did it during the school year because I am more
likely to have student workers to help with toting, etc.  We actually
offered these out on Backserv and the DEU list (again, the students made
the lists) and, much to my surprise, a fair number were taken by other
libraries and even PSC, on occasion.  I was glad to see this because I
hated to see thousands of dollars of materials go into the recycler and
because, at that time, we had to remove the covers to recycle (a really
big project which, again, the students did).  The people who wanted the
items reimbursed postage and the students packed things up, so the cost
was not great, and was mostly time, which we had to use on removing
covers anyway.  And I was happy to see things go to good homes.  The
things that weren't taken did go into recycling.  The biggest thing
about removing JSTOR titles is the amount of time and effort involved.
When it came right down to it, because we had to remove the covers, the
amount of time and effort spent in offering out and recycling evened
out.  And you still had to fix your records in the catalog and OCLC
(even more time and effort).

Good luck,

Susan Andrews

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We are looking at *maybe* withdrawing large runs of journal material,
mostly duplicated on Jstor.  I have a few questions.

Has anyone had any luck in selling their old Jstor material?  Typically,
the Periodicals Service Company is the only company that is ever
interested in our material, although rarely in our Jstor material.

What about donating the material?  Is the shipping cost prohibitive?  I
know that some companies, like United States Book Exchange won't even
take Jstor titles.

When others have withdrawn their Jstor print collections, how have you
handled the process?  Have you done it all at once as a summer project,
pulled titles on an on-going basis?




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