The Advocate Steve Murden 25 Feb 2010 16:51 UTC

In partial response to Katy's posting.

The current issue of The Advocate is labelled as a supplement to Out,
and the previous issue (Feb. 2010) was called a "supplement to Here
Publishing, Inc."  They have, however, kept The Advocate's numbering
sequence intact (currently consecutive #1036).  If I were still working
in a library that received it, I would definitely argue for keeping the
original classification.  In terms of content, The Advocate has about
as much in common with Out as Time has with People.

Steve Murden

>Last fall, it was announced that The Advocate would cease
>publication.  We've now received an issue that is labeled as a
>supplement to Out.
>We've considered re-classifying The Advocate so that it would be one
>number off from (and sit on the shelf next to) Out.  Or we might
>leave it as is.
>What are others doing?
>Katy G.