Re: OCLC's E-Serials Holdings Jim Latchney 03 Feb 2010 19:29 UTC

OCLC *can* provide MARC records as part of setting up the eSerials Holdings  service.

"The basic eSerials Holdings service is provided at no charge to all OCLC member libraries. MARC record delivery is available to eSerials Holdings subscribers for a nominal charge."

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We have used both. The E-serials Holding product does not provide MARC records for your OPAC. IT provides visibility or your holdings in World Cat.

MARC records for you OPAC should be provided by your link resolver provider. When we had Serials Solutions, the records that they provided got the job  done. The records provided by the link resolver provider will be only as good as the underlying data provided by the e-resource vendor, as many of the records are machine generated, then later enhanced.

As to which mode is used by our patrons to access our e-resources; that would be an interesting study to undertake. My gut suspicion is that most of our access is from within a database and moving from database to database via the link resolver rather than via an OPAC.

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Subject: [SERIALST] OCLC's E-Serials Holdings

Has anyone used E-Serials Holdings offered by OCLC?  Can you comment on it,  namely how it compares with other MARC record providers such as Serials Solutions?


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