Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & ,Dance Bill Maravetz 05 Feb 2010 15:55 UTC

Has anyone else had a problem with the receipt of the Nov./Dec. 2009
(v.80:9) issue of the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation &
Dance? We have received the Oct. 2009 (v.80:8) and Jan. 2010 (v.81:1)
issues, but not v.80:9. I checked several other online catalogs, and
this problem seems to be fairly common (9 out of 16 libraries checked).
The other problem is that our source for online full-text, Gale OneFile,
has v.80:8 & v.81:1 posted, but not v.80:9. My contact at the publisher
(, Stacy Lin, told me that there was no
problem with the original mailing, however the issue is now out of stock
(but available for purchase through the AAHPERD Bookstore! Go figure.)
Perhaps others in the same boat could alert AAHPERD to the problem.

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