Upcoming ALCTS webinars Cindy Hepfer 15 Feb 2010 18:02 UTC

With apologies for duplication across lists, here are descriptions of three
ALCTS webinars coming soon:

1. Cataloging Icky Things, or, If you can catalog a book, you can catalog

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 starting at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, noon
Mountain, and 11am Pacific time (session to last 1 hour)

Do you have "icky stuff" like kits, DVDs and models in a backroom that you
want to add to your collection but you can’t find a MARC record for
it? Has it been years since you have had to catalog anything and you think
you have forgotten how? Did you finish your cataloging class in library
school thinking you would never have to do that again but now you have to?
Well this webinar can help!

Starting with a quick review of how to catalog a book, this webinar will
then move to cataloging CDs and kits, DVDs and Playaways, and then whatever
else you may have hidden in that backroom. You will get tips and cheats
that will allow you to create a full-level MARC record so that you can move
things out of that backroom and into your collection.

Presenter Pamela J. Newberg is an Assistant Professor and Manager of
Resource Processing and Description (otherwise known as Cataloging) at the
University of Northern Colorado . In her previous life, Pam was the Manager
of the Cataloging Department for Follett Library Resources in McHenry,
Illinois . Pam holds a trio of higher education degrees, including a MLS
from Dominican University , a MM from DePaul University and a MAT from
National-Louis University . Pam has a unique array of experience having
worked as a cataloger, children's librarian, automation librarian and
teacher in a number of settings including school, public, academic and
special libraries. Pam has been involved with the Cataloging of Children's
Materials Committee of ALCTS for the past twelve years as a vendor liaison,
member, and, for 2008-2010, as chair.

2. Selecting an IR Platform:  Options, Approaches, and Implications

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 starting at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, noon
Mountain, and 11am Pacific time (session to last one hour)

This webinar will explore the basics of determining the "right" IR platform
for your institution.
  * benefits and drawbacks of open-source vs. commercial platforms and
hosted vs local installations
  * determining what level of local technical expertise is require for a
successful IR implementation
  * understanding functional requirements of a platform.

The webinar is not intended to provide detailed information about any
specific IR platform, but rather to provide useful context for evaluating
and selecting a platform that will work.

Presenter Bob Gerrity has overseen the introduction of several new
technologies to the BC Libraries over the past ten years, including
OpenURL-based reference linking, federated searching, and the Libraries'
eScholarship@BC digital repository. Gerrity received his undergraduate
degree from Boston University . He holds a Master of Library and
Information Science from the State University of New York at Albany .

3. Making the Most of Your Descriptive Metadata: Planning, Creating, and

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 starting at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, noon
Mountain, and 11am Pacific time (session to last 1 hour)

Metadata is essential for organizing, searching, and managing information
resources, particularly as libraries expand their efforts in making their
collections available on the web.  Libraries are populating institutional
repositories with a myriad of resources, including digitized special
collections materials, finding aids, electronic theses, peer-reviewed
faculty work and other research, scholarship and creative outputs.  But
what are libraries doing about the descriptive metadata that allows users
to search, find, and select these resources in their repositories?  What
redundancies are created when libraries engage in collecting, enhancing, or
redistributing metadata in siloed systems?  Can redundant metadata
generation efforts be streamlined?   We will discuss some current
descriptive metadata practices in institutional repositories, identify
areas where redundant efforts may occur, and discuss strategies to improve
management, collection, and re-use of descriptive metadata.

Presenters: Marisa Ramirez is the Digital Repository Librarian, California
Polytechnic State University and Nancy Fallgren is the Metadata Specialist
Librarian at the National Library of Medicine.  (Disclaimer:  This webinar
was prepared in part by Nancy Fallgren in her private capacity.  The views
expressed do not represent the view of or endorsement by the United States
Government or the National Library of Medicine.)

Marisa is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of
the DigitalCommons@CalPoly, a digital repository that provides online open
access to scholarship and research produced by Cal Poly faculty and
students. She is collaborating with library and academic departments across
campus to bring new visibility to Cal Poly scholarly work. Her current
research interests include digital preservation and curation, the role of
technology in social networking exchanges, and the adoption and use cycles
of new information technologies.

Prior to joining Cal Poly, she was the digital repository coordinator for
the Arizona Memory Project (http://azmemory.lib.az.us), a digital library
initiative based out of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public
Records Department. In this position, she led the initiative in developing,
implementing, monitoring and promoting the library’s institutional
repository. She has also been active with digital library projects at
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and Smithsonian
Institution Libraries.

In June 2009 Marisa and Michael D. Miller presented the ALCTS webinar
"Generating Buy-in for your IR."

Nancy is a member of the National Library of Medicine’s Digital
Repository Implementation Group (DRIG), which is currently involved in
testing software and workflows toward implementation of a digital
repository at NLM.  Nancy develops and tests descriptive metadata
generation and modification options for the DRIG pilot projects.  She also
serves on NLM’s Digital Projects Technical Group, where she works
with others to develop requirements and guidelines, including descriptive
metadata, for digital project proposals.

Prior to joining the National Library of Medicine, Nancy was a Metadata
Librarian at Johns Hopkins University's Milton S. Eisenhower Library.  At
JHU, Nancy was instrumental in developing descriptive metadata generation
strategies and workflows for digitization projects requiring batch
ingestion to JHU’s institutional repository, JScholarship, as well as
the transformation and transfer of metadata from JScholarship to the
Library's ILS.

After many years of experience as a para-professional cataloger, Nancy
received her MLS in 2006 from the University of Maryland , where her
studies focused on knowledge organization and structures.  Nancy also
served as a writer/consultant to the Library of Congress' Working Group on
the Future of Bibliographic Control, which produced the report "On the
Record" in 2008.

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