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This is a fairly common problem for us as well.  Several online renewals lapse, just like we would have occasional lapses with print subscriptions. The problem for us is that users and staff notice immediately if we have lost access to an online title. In the print world, claims would often pile up to let us know a print subscription had lapsed but we rarely heard from staff about it.

I am also interested in how other libraries handle new online subscriptions.  It is my experience that we will place orders for several new ejournals in the fall and then when we check access in January, many of them have not been turned on for us.  I seem to spend a significant amount of time in January claiming online access to our new subscriptions.

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"What is supposed to happen next?"

In my experience, it varies with each publisher. My subscription
agent does not make sure I have access-- it's up to me. They will
assist with fixing it if I discover that it doesn't work, but I have
to check it. And I don't have time to check everything, so I am sure
that some of them fall through the cracks. I am always discovering
problems when I am checking for something else!

I sign up for new issue alerts and toc's for some titles on most of
the platforms, and sometimes I find out that way about something not working.

But I am interested in how others handle this too.

Pat Thompson

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At 09:13 AM 2/22/2010, you wrote:
>Harrisburg Area Community College has just begun subscribing to
>e-journals (online only) via our subscription agent. This year we
>renewed a title, but lost access to the e-journal (platform is
>Ingenta, not a publisher's platform). It took some time to establish
>that we had renewed and to regain access.
>I wonder how others handle these situations. When you renew with
>your subscription agent what is supposed to happen next? Do you
>check with the publisher to make sure the renewal passed to the
>platform provider?
>I would be interested in reading any in-house processes used to
>verify access and whom/how you contact to reestablish access.
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