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Re: Newspapers on sticks Fearer, Kathleen E (EED) 13 Apr 2010 18:34 UTC

We stopped using sticks several years ago, opting for just placing the
newspapers on a table instead.  We keep the most recent 4 or 5 issues or
so of the nine most popular newspapers on a table.  It is easier and
faster to use just the table, and we have not noticed any marked
increase in copies disappearing from the library.

Katie Fearer
Librarian, Periodicals
Alaska State Library

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Has anyone stopped using newspaper sticks?  If so, has it been a
problem?  We currently keep the following on sticks -- most recent daily
edition of the NYT, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia
Inquirer and our local paper; most recent Sunday edition of the NYT,
Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and our local paper.




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