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“Predatory” Open-Access Scholarly Publishers [Jeffrey Beall, Charleston Advisor] Stevan Harnad 22 Apr 2010 11:56 UTC

[Re-posted from Andrew K. Ho, "Digital & Scholarly"]

Jeffrey Beall has written a review on nine "predatory" open access
scholarly publishers in the Charleston Advisor.

>From the critical evaluation section of the review:

"These publishers are predatory because their mission is not to
promote, preserve, and make available scholarship; instead, their
mission is to exploit the author-pays, Open-Access model for their own
profit. They work by spamming scholarly e-mail lists, with calls for
papers and invitations to serve on nominal editorial boards. If you
subscribe to any professional e-mail lists, you likely have received
some of these solicitations. Also, these publishers typically provide
little or no peer-review. In fact, in most cases, their peer review
process is a façade. None of these publishers mentions digital
preservation. Indeed, any of these publishers could disappear at a
moment's notice, resulting in the loss of its content..."

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