Version 1, Open Access Journals Bibliography Charles W. Bailey, Jr. 21 Aug 2010 22:10 UTC

Version one of the Open Access Journals Bibliography is now
available from Digital Scholarship. Open access journals
publish articles (typically peer-reviewed articles) that are
free of charge and, depending on the journal, may be able to
be reused under an open license (e.g., a Creative Commons

This bibliography presents selected English-language
scholarly works that are useful in understanding open access
journals. It does not cover works about e-prints or works
that include open access journals in a treatment of diverse
types of research materials. Most sources have been
published from 1999 to the present; however, a few key
sources published prior to 1999 are also included. The
bibliography primarily includes books and published journal
articles. A limited number of magazine articles and
technical reports that are deemed to be of exceptional
interest are also included. The bibliography includes links
to freely available versions of included works.

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